Sick. Scam Artist Sets Up Phony Donations Website For Sandy Hook Victim Noah Pozner

Noah Pozner was one of twenty children slaughtered by a madman last week at Sandy Hook Elementary.

A bogus website set up to collect donations for Sandy Hook victim Noah Pozner was shutdown by authorities. reported:

A fraudulent website soliciting donations in memory of Sandy Hook Elementary School victim Noah Pozner was removed and redirected to the family’s official website.

The fraudulent site offered details about the murdered six year old and his family, and about the funeral, and asked for donations to be sent to a New York address, which the family is not familiar with, according to reports. The site also included a petition on gun control.

The family’s official site is It is soliciting funds for Noah’s Ark of Hope, which a disclaimer at the bottom of the page says “is the only official website for payment to directly and solely benefit the siblings of Noah Pozner.” The donations reportedly will go to pay for counseling for Noah’s four surviving siblings, one of whom is his twin sister.

The fake site was exposed in the Daily Mail and by CNN’s Anderson Cooper.

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