Obama to Attend Psy Protest Despite His Anti-American Past

Barack Obama will attend the Psy concert in Washington this week despite his anti-American past.
Psy has the most viewed YouTube video ever – Gangnam Style.

This is the same guy who palled around with Bill Ayers, so is it really a surprise?
Yahoo reported:

President Barack Obama will attend a charity concert where PSY is scheduled to perform after reports that the South Korean rapper participated in anti-American protests several years ago.

A spokesman says Friday that the Obama family will attend the Dec. 21 Christmas in Washington concert, as is custom.

News reports cite two instances of the 34-year-old “Gangnam Style” rapper participating in concerts protesting the U.S. military presence in South Korea during the early stages of the war in Iraq. In a 2004 concert, PSY performs another act’s song about killing “Yankees” who have been torturing Iraqi captives and their families “slowly and painfully.”

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