NYT Reporter: The White House Is So Much Cockier Right Now (Video)

NY Times reporter Helene Cooper told the panel on Meet the Press that Obama will have to own the recession if the US economy goes off the cliff.
Via TowhHall:

Helene Cooper:

“I think when you talk about the feeling at the White House, there’s a palpable difference now compared to 2011 — the summer of 2011. They are so much cockier right now at the White House than they were a year and a half ago when they were doing this. They really believe they’re have set out — you come to us, we’re not going to negotiate against ourselves. [Remember] the summer of 2011, when President Obama was perceived, and they believed at the White House, that he kept making concession after concession and didn’t get anywhere? They are definitely not doing that now.”

Cooper also went on to say Obama will own the recession if the US economy goes off the cliff.

HELENE COOPER, NEW YORK TIMES: “I really do think at the end of the day, Larry, what you describe sounds like sort of the White House negotiating right now — easily saying, ‘Yeah, we can go over the fiscal cliff.’ But at the end of the day, this is a president, he would have to own it. He may not think he has to own the recession; but if we go over that, he is going to have to own that. And that’s something he definitely knows.”

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