Michelle Malkin: The ABC’s of Education Now Are… “A” For Agitation, “B” For Brainwashing, and “C” For Capitalism-Bashing! (Video)

Guest Post by Mara Zebest

Another Classic Malkin Moment!  Hannity interviews Michelle Malkin on the Ed Asner role in the propaganda animation to hate the rich.  In usual Michelle Malkin style she correctly reminds us that the California Federation of Teachers Union should be called to the carpet for producing this video by confiscating dues and taxpayer money from hard-working Americans that disagree with this kind of thinking.  Call out the Unions that want to talk about paying a fair share when these unions rake in millions of tax-exempt dollars by claiming to be a 501C5 organization that evades paying their fair share of taxes.  The Left have to fabricate their video images of the rich urinating, so why don’t conservatives demand equal classroom time and show a truthful video of the Liberal Left Occupiers pooping on police cars.

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