Hillary Clinton’s “Reformer” Assad Prepares To Gas His Own People

This is the same man Hillary Clinton called “a Reformer”.

Assad, the current President of Syria, has ordered munitions loaded with the deadly nerve gas, sarin.  The aerial bombs are being readied to drop from dozens of bombers onto his own people.

The Australian reports,


THE Syrian military has loaded precursor chemicals for the deadly nerve gas sarin into aerial bombs and is awaiting final orders from Bashar al-Assad, according to US officials.

The loaded aerial bombs could be dropped on to the Syrian people from dozens of fighter jets, the officials were quoted as telling the US-based NBC News. The move would mark another step in Syria’s progression towards possibly using chemical weapons.

But the officials stressed that the sarin bombs had yet to be loaded on to planes and that Assad had not issued a final order to deploy them.

However, if he goes ahead, “there’s little the outside world can do to stop it”, one official said.

CNN reported that the Israeli, Jordanian, Lebanese and Turkish intelligence services were in close contact with their US counterparts to decide on the next steps.

The Assad regime, fighting to prevent the capital Damascus falling to rebel forces, has insisted it would never resort to chemical weapons.

But a US official said this week that Syria had begun mixing chemicals that could be used to make sarin while CNN reported Damascus could use the gas in a limited artillery attack on advancing rebels.

The magnificent views across Damascus from the Syrian presidential palace on Mount Qassioun are unlikely to provide much comfort these days for Assad.

The skyline to the north, east and south was stained yesterday by columns of smoke from artillery blasts and airstrikes as heavy fighting around the capital continued for a sixth day, and intensified close to Damascus Airport. …

Assad’s hold on power is looking more tenuous. “There is no doubt that the regime’s capacity is declining and that the FSA (Free Syrian Army) continues to become ever stronger and better armed,” said a European diplomat with regime and opposition contacts in Damascus.

It is not even clear if Assad is still in charge. Some sources suggest he is effectively a prisoner in his palace, no longer playing an active leadership role but unable to flee with his family.

With the FSA drawing closer to the centre of Damascus, Assad appears to have three choices.

The first is to remain in the palace to the bitter end, fulfilling a promise he made last month to “live and die in Syria”.

A second option is that the remnants of the regime and the Alawite core of the army retreat to the mountains on the Mediterranean coast, home to the Alawite community that is the regime’s backbone.

Third, Assad may attempt to flee Damascus with his family and seek asylum abroad, possibly in Iran or Venezuela.

Faisal Miqdad, Syria’s Deputy Foreign Minister, was reported to have visited Venezuela, Cuba and Ecuador in the past week carrying letters from the President.

Obama’s Arab Spring kills more Arabs… with Hillary applauding from the sidelines.

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