Exposed! Chicago Teachers Union VP Caught At Marxist Revolutionary Conference

Karen Lewis, president of the Chicago Teachers Union and Vice president Jesse Sharkey talk to the media as Chicago Public Schools will be on Strike this Monday. Sunday Sept 9, 2012 | Scott Stewart~Sun-Times

Jesse Sharkey, Vice President of the Chicago Teachers Union, was recently discovered participating in a Midwest Marxist Conference.  The secretive conference was held solely for radical supporters of Marxism and anyone deemed to “not be a Communist” was removed from attendance.

When asked during an interview last week on a local Chicago radio show about his association with the radical Marxist revolutionaries, Sharkey declared it his right to attend a Marxist conference, then refused to respond further. has the story,

While a guest on a local Chicago radio show, Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) VP Jesse Sharkey was questioned over his recent participation in the Midwest Marxism Conference and refused to answer why he was there and what relationship the Chicago Teachers Union has with the conference and sponsoring organization, the International Socialists Organization. Sharkey, who was documented by Breitbart News attending the Marxist conference at Northwestern University last month, appeared caught off-guard and struggled to respond to the question.

WLS radio’s Bruce Wolf and Dan Proft had Sharkey on their show to discuss the ongoing school closing battle between the CTU and the Chicago Public Schools. Sharkey had been discussing the Chicago Teachers Union’s network of coalitions that supported the recent teachers strike, when Proft asked him to address the union’s relationship with “revolutionary movements.”

Sharkey first stammered that Proft’s question was “McCarthyism,” but when he persisted [Editor’s note: in an effort to keep Sharkey’s response intact, we have done our best to transcribe the stutters and “ums” as uttered]:

Read the rest with the transcript here.

It is the right of the Teachers Union VP to associate himself with a bunch of Marxist revolutionaries.  And it is the public’s right to know what sort of evil operation is in charge of teaching our children.


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