Egyptian Christian Women Banned From Voting in Yesterday’s Election

The Muslim women could vote.

Azza Mursi (2nd R), sister of Egypt’s President Mohamed Mursi, waits in line outside a polling centre to vote in a referendum on Egypt’s new constitution, in Mursi’s hometown of al-Adwa village. (Reuters)

Islamic winter.
An Egyptian judge banned Christian women from voting in yesterday’s election.
Al-Arabiya reported:

A group of Egypt’s Christian women voters were banned on Saturday in Cairo’s Nasr City from casting their ballot in a disputed constitutional referendum, an Al Arabiya correspondent and AFP reported.

Nasr City was the scene of mass rallies last night as Islamists who support President Mohammed Mursi took to the streets.

Details of banning Coptic Christians from voting are not immediately available, but earlier the opposition National Salvation Front was quoted by AFP as saying that a judge in Nasr City forbade Christians from casting their vote.

On November 30, the draft constitution was passed by an assembly composed mostly of Islamists, in a marathon session, despite a walkout by secular activists and Christians from the 100-member panel.

If the constitution is approved by a simple majority of voters, the Islamists who gripped powered after Mubarak’s ouster would gain even more clout in the country. The current upper house of parliament, which is dominated by the Islamists, will be given legislative authority until a new parliament is elected.

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