Clackamas Christmas Shooter a 22 Year-Old Sociopath – Jacob Tyler Roberts

Police are going to release more details on the Clackamas Christmas shooter later this morning.
For now we know he was 22 years old and a sociopath.

The shooter murdered two innocents before committing suicide.
Oregon Live reported:

An unidentified gunman, acting alone, fired up to 60 shots before killing himself. The original reports of two dead were confirmed as the only fatalities. One 15-year-old Portland girl was taken by ambulance to OHSU Hospital, where she was in serious condition Tuesday night.

Officials declined to identify the victims.

The gunman died of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound, Lt. James Rhodes, a Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office spokesman, said at a news conference. The gunman, reportedly 22, has been tentatively identified, but police did not release his name.

We now know the name of one of the victims.
FOX 12 reported:

One of two people shot and killed at the Clackamas Town Center mall has been identified as Steve Forsyth, of West Linn, FOX 12 has learned through sources.

…Forsyth owned a marketing agency in Portland, and formerly worked for Entercom Communications, which owns radio stations in the city.

More on the shooter Jacob Tyler Roberts.
The Oregonian reported:

Jacob Tyler Roberts, 22, was the masked man who stormed into Clackamas Town Center Tuesday afternoon, fatally shooting two people and wounding another before turning a gun on himself, police said.

Roberts does not appear to have a criminal history in Oregon, according to court records. He had two speeding tickets earlier this year.

Court records show that Roberts and a woman, Hannah Shoemake, were evicted last summer from their Happy Valley apartment.

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