Christmas Reminder: Nazis Celebrated Christmas By Promoting Socialism

Honoring Socialism–
Yesterday, No Pasaran reminded us that 75 years ago the Nazis celebrated Christmas by transforming Christmas songs into hymns praising National Socialism.

BERLIN — De-Christianization of famous German Christmas hymns, such as “Silent Night, Holy Night,” is the outstanding contribution to the current holiday season of the rapidly spreading German faith movement or “religion” of National Socialism. In the new versions of the old songs reference to Nazi tenets of race, blood and soil replace familiar words concerning Christ, Child and the like. The accepted English translation of Mohr’s “Silent Night,” stanza three lines two and three is: “The Son of God loves pure light, radiant beams from thy Holy faith.” Equivalent lines in the Nazified version are “German blood, O how laugh the lips of thy children, blessed with joy.”

Their socialism trumped Christianity.

The Nazis also decorated their Hitler pictures during the Christmas season.

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