BLS Report:73% of Civilian Jobs Created in the Past 5 Months Were Government Jobs

By: Rachel Pulaski

While MSM continues to boast about the recent decline in unemployment, they have left out a critical piece of information.  According to new data published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 73% of civilian jobs created in the past 5 months were government jobs.

CNS News reported

In June, a total of 142,415,000 people were employed in the U.S, according to the BLS, including 19,938,000 who were employed by federal, state and local governments.

By November, according to data BLS released today, the total number of people employed had climbed to 143,262,000, an overall increase of 847,000 in the six months since June.

In the same five-month period since June, the number of people employed by government increased by 621,000 to 20,559,000. These 621,000 new government jobs created in the last five months equal 73.3 percent of the 847,000 new jobs created overall.

While private sector companies continue to announce layoffs, government steadily increases its workforce. has more:

Companies announce layoffs after election:

Energizer(1500 employees)    Westinghouse (50)    Research in Motion Limited (200)    Lightyear Network Solutions (around a dozen)    Providence Journal (23)    Hawker Beechcraft (240)    Boeing (30% of their management staff)    CVPH Medical Center (17)    US Cellular (980)    Momentive Performance Materials (150)    Rocketdyne (100)    Brake Parts (75)    Vestas Wind Systems (3,000) (they were also a recipient of $50 million from the Stimulus)    Husqvarna (600)    Center for Hospice New York (up to 40)    Bristol-Meyers (480)    OCE North America (135)    West Ridge Mine (closing up to 204 mines)    United Blood Services Gulf(up to 10% of workforce)

Also mentioned is Darden Restaurants, which is going to limit workers to 28 hours a week to avoid ObamaCare requirements regarding full time workers.

The story also lists a large number of companies that announced that they are closing. And then we go to Daily Job Cuts and find more (partial list)

Update: Exide Technologies in Laureldale – 150     Southeastern Container – 15     Plexus Corp – Contract Loss Could = Layoffs     Yakima Regional Medical Center Washington – 10+     Crouse Hospital Syracuse NY – 70 Jobs     Eagle-Tribune in North Andover – 21     Ameridose LLC – up to 650 Layoffs     EMD Millipore St. Charles – Some Layoffs     Groupon – 80     Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne – 100     Slidell La. – Warns of Possible Layoffs


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