THREE PITT FOOTBALL PLAYERS Charged in ‘Knockout Game’ Beating

Three Pitt football players – Running back Raymond E. Graham, 22, of Elizabeth, N.J., wide receiver Devin C. Street, 21, of Bethlehem, Pa., and cornerback Lafayette E. Pitts, 20, of East Pittsburgh, Pa., – were accused of beating a white student while playing the “knockout game.” The three players will remain active members of Pitt’s football team, according to Pitt spokesman E.J. Borghetti.

(Left to Right) Devin Street, Lafayette Pitts, Ray Graham (Post Gazette)

Education News reported:


Rules are: Find white guy, punch him in the face, knock him out

NBC Sports had it half right: When he is on the football field, Lafayette Pitts is one of the most dangerous men in America.

Off the field, he is accused of being even more menacing. Pitts and two teammates from the University of Pittsburgh football team stand accused of playing the Knockout Game.

The Knockout Game is just one form of the black mob violence and lawlessness documented in more than 80 cities with more than 400 examples in the book “White Girl Bleed a Lot: The return of racial violence and how the media ignore it.”

Rules of the Knockout Game are pretty simple: Find a white guy. Make sure he looks defenseless. Punch him in the face. If he doesn’t get up, you win. And that is what three witnesses said the Pitt players did just a few weeks ago.

Last Friday, it was revealed they were charged with assault and conspiracy. Their court date is set for January. But that did not stop them from suiting up the next day for a big game against Notre Dame.

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