St. Louis Election Results Show Romney Gained Zero Votes in 8 Precincts – 1 Vote in 4 Precincts

The City of St. Louis finally certified the November election results.
The were were dumped online today, right before the holiday. St. Louis joined Cleveland and Philadelphia with several inner-city precincts where Mitt Romney recieved no votes.

Here are the results.
Total City Votes
Obama 118,780 82.3%
Romney 22,943 15.93%

There were 8 precincts where Romney got 0 votes.

Ward 1 Precinct 7 225-0
Ward 3 Precinct 1 264-0
Ward 4 precinct 8 137-0
Ward 4 Precinct 9 129-0
Ward 17 Pct.7 28-0
Ward 22 Pct 1 368-0
Ward 22 Pct 8 142-0
Ward 25 Pct 6 17-0

There were four Precincts where Romney got 1 vote.

Ward 4 Pct 3 479-1
Ward 4 Pct 10 177-1
Ward 18 Pct 09 432-1
Ward 27 Pct 4 670-1

And 3 precincts where Romney only received 2 votes.

Ward 2 Pct 6 5-2
Ward 19 Pct 2 43-2
Ward 21 Pct 5 604-2

There were 11 precincts where Romney only got 3 votes. 7 precincts where he got only 4 votes and 8 precincts where he received 5 votes. There are numerous precincts where he received less than 10 votes. Everything can be verified at the link above.
I will leave the conclusions to you.

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