LANDSLIDE WATCH: Obama Already Down 270,000 Votes in Ohio – a State He Won By 258,897 in 2008

Democrats are far behind their 2008 numbers in Ohio.
According to latest records 230,000 fewer Democrats have voted early in Ohio this year. 40,000 more Republicans have voted early in Ohio this year. That’s a 270,000 vote swing in a state Barack Obama won by 258,897 votes in 2008.

You still think it’s going to be close?
Sean Hannity spoke with Senator Rob Portman (R-OH) Thursday about the race in Ohio.

Jamie Dupree added: 2012 vs 2008: Here’s some numbers comparing early voting in Cuyahoga County, Ohio (down 15%). Cuyahoga County went 68.5%-30.4% for Obama in 2008 (by almost 250k),; Obama won Ohio by 260,000 votes.

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