MASSIVE CROWD Meets Mitt Romney in Manchester, New Hampshire

The Verizon Center filled up tonight for the Mitt Romney rally.
This is Mitt’s last stop of the day on the day before the election.

Unreal crowd in Manchester for Mitt Romney’s final campaign rally. (Liz Johnson)

11,000 supporters turned out to see Mitt Romney.

WGNTV reported:

In a small Manchester, New Hampsire arena an electric crowd 11,000 people strong chanted and cheered for Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

Romney made a five city swing today in Florida, Virginia, Ohio and finally in New Hampshire -his longest campaign day to date. It ends in a state where only four electoral votes are at stake, but the weight of it is heavy. Fickle voters often change the shift of their support in the final days of a presidential election picking all but two of the presidential winners since 1972.

Romney votes in Belmont, Mass Tuesday.

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