OMG!… Obama Administration Was Warned 3 Hours Before Benghazi Attack – Did Nothing (Video)

The Obama Administration was warned that radical Islamists were “gathering weapons and gathering steam” three hours before attack.
They did nothing.
Jennifer Griffin at FOX News reported:

Ed Morrissey added this at HotAir:

If this is the case, then why wasn’t the FEST team ready to intervene? Actually, as Allahpundit noted last night, the military and CIA did have their teams ready. Now it appears that the State Department, at least, had three hours’ notice of radical Islamist activity in the city “gathering weapons and gathering steam,” plus a very big warning about consulate security being compromised. Yet while the attack took place, no one gave the order for a military intervention. Even hours into the attack, the White House didn’t go any farther than order an evacuation effort at the Benghazi airport.

This “spontaneous demonstration” story is falling apart. And it’s interesting to see how it’s falling apart, too. Earlier, the White House tried to lay off the failure on the intel community, which sparked a flurry of leaks showing that the intel community had warned of this issue and wanted to respond during the attack. This week, the White House has started to shift blame to State, and now we’re seeing these leaks showing that State knew exactly what was going on.

This buck stops at the Oval Office, and it’s only going to be a matter of time before we get the leaks to show it.

Barack Obama was notified of the attack on the Benghazi consulate at 5 PM EST.

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