#Occupy Goons Sue City of Oakland After Car Hits Them During Street Protest (Video)

#Occupy radicals Lance Laverdure and Margaret So are suing the city of Oakland as well as BART after they were hit by a car while walking down the middle of the street in a protest last year. (Huffington Post)

The far left protesters were marching down the middle of the street at the time of the accident.

NBC Bay Area reported:


Occupy Oaklander marchers who were hit by a car during a 2011 protest have sued the city of Oakland as well as BART, according to reports.

Margaret So and Lance Laverdue were struck by a car driven by Jan Carrigg as they marched through downtown Oakland last year, according to the Oakland Tribune. They filed a federal lawsuit against BART and the city for failing to pursue a criminal case against Carrigg, the newspaper reported.

BART and Oakland police allowed Carrigg and his passenger to leave the scene without a formal investigation, according to the lawsuit. That means those two police departments “aided and abetted the assault and battery,” the lawsuit alleges.

Attorneys Pamela Price and Simona Farrise are seeking damages in excess of $250,000 for their clients.

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