Nice Work!… GOP Manages to Gerrymander Two Top Florida Conservatives Out of Congress

GONE- Conservative stalwarts Sandy Adams and Allen West

Nice work, Republicans.
The GOP managed to gerrymander two top Florida conservatives right out of Congress.
Via ilgipper at Free Republic:

The Florida House and Senate went overwhelmingly GOP in 2010…it was darn near a clean sweep. I believe the House went approximately 80/20 in our favor. The resulting redistricting not only screwed Allen West, but they also set up the primary battle between Sandy Adams and John Mica. Mica is the consummate DC insider. He’s the chair of the transportation committee, champion of high-speed rail spending, etc.

Adams won her seat in 2010 over Suzan Kosmas who was literally one of those final ‘blue dog’ votes that helped pass Obamacare in the final vote. Adams would have had that seat locked up for as long as she wanted it, and she was a real grassroots champion. She was going after the EPA on their horrific regulations, etc.

The FL GOP set up the ugly primary, where Mica had all the resources and took her out. We lost a true conservative for a guy with stage 4 beltway-itis.

We lost two of the best people in congress due to GOP shenanigans… And a woman and black man on top of it. This stuff is maddening.

As Levin put it last night, if these brilliant consultants like Steve Schmitt and Mike Murphy want to keep throwing conservatives under the bus, they are just asking for a third party. We are getting screwed by both parties.

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