Breaking: Muslim Brotherhood Headquarters Torched in Mansoura & Mahallah Egypt

Developing: Muslim Brotherhood Headquarters Torched in Egypt
Here’s a picture of the protesters in Tahrir Square from tonight.

Twitchy reported.

Several injured during attacks on Muslim Brotherhood HQ in Mahala and Alexandria, as protests against president’s decree continue.


AJA: Fire erupts in Freedom & Justice Party HQ in Mahallah after attack by armed mobs, extends to several stores & apartments.

Here’s a photo of a newly constructed wall in Tahrir Square.

The smiley face was a nice touch.

According to Egyptian Chronicles: This is by far the biggest protest against the Muslim brotherhood. Yes it is originally a protest against the constitutional declaration but now it turned in to anti-Muslim brotherhood protest.

This may be the last chance for opposition protesters to challenge the Muslim Brotherhood before they run roughshod over the Egyptian people.

What the media is not covering:

Clashes between protesters and Ikhwan in Mahalla in front of the office of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party (FJP).

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