Ma Pelosi: Give Obama Unlimited Power to Lift Debt Limit to Infinity

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi wants Barack Obama to have the ability to raise the debt limit to infinity.
She goes by the Constitution. She’s a Constitutional expert.

CNS News reported:

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said on Friday that Congress should hand over to President Barack Obama the power to unilateral increase the limit on the U.S. government’s debt.

In effect, under the plan Pelosi is endorsing, the only limit on the national debt would be President Obama’s willingness to borrow money in the name of American taxpayers.

At a Friday press conference, a reporter asked Pelosi if she agreed with a proposal made by Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner that Congress give Obama the power to unilaterally increase the debt limit.

“Yes,” she said.

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