Israeli Spy Satellite Spots Iranian Ship Being Loaded With Missiles for Gaza

An Israeli spy satellite spotted an Iranian ship being loaded with missiles for Hamas in Gaza.
The Hamas terrorist group agreed to a ceasefire with Israel less than a week ago. Under Islam, a hudna is a temporary ceasefire to regroup and rearm, and that is exactly what Hamas is doing.
Haaretz reported:

Israeli spy satellites have spotted an Iranian ship being loaded with missiles that analysts say may be headed for Gaza, The Sunday Times reported.

According to the report, the cargo may include Fajr-5 rockets, like those that were fired by Hamas toward Israel and the stockpiles of which the Israel Defense Forces depleted during the recent round of fighting across the Gaza border, in addition to Shahab-3 ballistic missiles, which could be stationed in Sudan to pose a direct threat to Israel.

“With a lot of effort, Iran has skillfully built a strategic arm pointing at Israel from the south,” an Israeli source was quoted as saying.

The cargo would travel via the Red Sea, Sudan and Egypt, following a well-established route used by Iran to smuggle arms into Gaza, the Times reported.

“We believe that Iranian warships anchored in Eritrea will accompany the weapons ship as soon as it enters the Red Sea,” an Israeli source told the Times.

The shipment was reportedly prepared last week, at the same time as Israel and Hamas agreed to a cease-fire that would end the eight-day long Operation Pillar of Defense.

More than 2000 rockets were fired at Israel, militants say – many from underground, despite countless airstrikes aimed at destroying them before they could be launched. They reached as far as Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

Hamas said it would not disarm itself after the ceasefire agreement this week.

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