Israel Responds to UN Recognition of Palestinian State

The United Nations General Assembly passed a resolution today changing the status of the Palestinian Liberation Organization to that of a non-member observer state.

The Israeli Consulate sent out these points on this issue:

• The General Assembly’s decision was symbolic in nature and devoid of any substantive meaning. It will not change facts on the ground.
• The General Assembly does not have the power to confer statehood, and therefore the resolution does not, and cannot, establish a Palestinian State or even grant it recognition.
• The Palestinians do not meet any of the accepted legal tests of statehood, including the test of effective government. The Palestinian Authority has no control over Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip, which contains 40% of the Palestinian population.
• Israel is prepared to live in peace with a Palestinian state. However, for peace to endure Israel’s security must be taken into consideration, the Palestinians must recognize the Jewish state and they must be prepared and the conflict.
• Israel proved its willingness to make peace when it signed agreements with Egypt and Jordan. Yet for four years the Palestinians have refused repeated Israeli calls for direct dialogue.
• The path to peace lies between Jerusalem and Ramallah, and does not pass through New York. Turning to the UN distanced the chances for peace. The only way to achieve it is through direct agreements between the parties.
• Unilateral actions violate the foundation of the peace process – direct bilateral negotiations. It also is a material breach of Israel-Palestinian accords, including the names 1995 Interim Agreement. This resolution has undermined Israel’s trust in Palestinian willingness to abide its agreement.

Here is the statement by Prime Minister Netanyahu on United Nations General Assmebly vote.


Here is the speech by Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations, Ron Poser, to the General Assmebly today.

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