Israel Bombs Hamas Communication Tower – Takes Over Hamas TV Programming (Video)

On Sunday November 18, 2012, as part of Operation Pillar of Defense, Israel Defense Forces (IDF) surgically targeted Hamas’ operational communications capabilities on the roof of a civilian building in the Gaza Strip.

On Monday the IDF took over communications at Hamas TV. The Israelis broadcast warnings to Hamas to cease missile strikes by Tuesday evening or the IDF will step up their attacks.
Israel National News reported:

The Israeli army on Monday took over programming at a Gaza-based Hamas television station “to broadcast warnings” on the sixth day of Operation Pillar of Defense.

Al-Aqsa television, the official station of Gaza’s Hamas regime, said in a statement the Israeli army “is interfering with Al-Aqsa TV,” with the picture going on and off for several hours and sometimes appearing scrambled, according to AFP.

“We took over the Hamas television to broadcast warnings,” a military spokeswoman said, indicating the takeover would probably last for a number of hours.

She told Arutz Sheva that AFP journalists’ claims that “they could see no warning being sent out by the army” were incorrect.

On Sunday, the army took over Hamas radio broadcasts in Gaza for several hours.

The IDF on Sunday bombed an antenna used by Hamas. The surgical strike atop the 15-story building caused minimal damage, as seen in an IDF video, but Hamas has claimed that eight journalists were wounded in the operation.

Mainstream media have reported the claim without verification.

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