Iranian Regime: Israel’s Iron Dome Can’t Stop Our Missiles

A senior Iranian commander today said Israel’s “Iron Dome” cannot stop Iranian missiles.
Iranian Press TV reported:

A senior Iranian commander says no “iron dome” in the world has the capability to resist the military power of the Iranian Armed Forces.

“There is no iron dome in the world that we cannot pierce through. What is said about this dome (Israel’s Iron Dome) is mostly psychological warfare and propaganda,” Deputy Chairman of Iranian Armed Forces’ Chiefs of Staff Brigadier General Massoud Jazayeri said on Thursday.

He added that Iran’s intelligence on the enemy is increasing by the day and added the Islamic Republic is in possession of significant military intelligence.

Jazayeri also downplayed Israeli threats to launch an attack against Iran as psychological warfare and said the Tel Aviv regime lacks the military capability to attack the Islamic Republic.

He said that Israel had serious vulnerabilities and added any miscalculations by the Tel Aviv regime in case of a possible attack against Iran could lead to the annihilation of that regime.

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