Hamas Instructed Human Shields to Ignore Israeli Warnings

The IDF dispersed leaflets above several locations in the Gaza Strip this week warning the residents of the Gaza Strip to stay away from Hamas, and other terror operatives.

In response the Hamas interior spokesman told Palestinian human shields yesterday to ignore Israeli warnings and leaflets and stay put.
The IDF and Camera.org reported:

The Hamas interior ministry spokesman was interviewed on Al-Quds Radio in Gaza and urged his listeners to ignore the IDF warnings. IDF intelligence was listening to the broadcast and relayed the following transcript:

Question: As the bombings go on, I want to address a specific issue: People have been receiving text messages urging them to evacuate their houses…

Hamas Interior Ministry Spokesperson: This is all part of the psychological warfare held by the Zionist enemy… So by using this way of communication, our public radio, I address all our Palestinian brothers by saying: Please do not listen to the orders noted on these text messages, their only purpose is spreading fear and panic within our people.

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