Good News! It Took US Intelligence a Year to Discover Petraeus Was Having Affair… And Benghazi Was a YouTube Protest

How much are we spending on our intelligence operations again?

After David Petraeus resigned today for having an affair we found his affair started while he was serving in Afghanistan over a year ago and that Petraeus broke up with biographer Broadwell after he became CIA Director. Yet, the FBI just put this together this week.

The investigation began last spring, reports Ronald Kessler at conservative magazine Newsmax.

Kessler’s report claims that the FBI intercepted Petraeus’ emails with Broadwell, and they had included sexually explicit references, like “sex under a desk.” The pair reportedly broke up some point after Petraeus become CIA Director, but he continued sending thousands of emails to her over the past few months.

And they put it all together a couple days after the presidential elections. What a coincidence?


This great investigative work followed their recent assessment of the Benghazi 9-11 terrorist attack.
They blamed the attack on a YouTube video.

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