Czech Anti-Chemical Warfare Troops Are Sent to Jordan After Obama Administration Loses Track of Syrian Chemical Weapons

In 2005 ten captured Al-Qaida terrorists stood trial in Jordan for attempting to explode roughly 20 tons of chemical weapons. Authorities captured the weapons coming into Jordan through Syria. It was the largest WMD cache ever captured for a planned massacre.

In September the Obama Administration admitted that the US had lost track of some of Syria’s chemical weapons. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta told reporters that they are not sure if the opposition obtained the WMD or how much they may have obtained.

Now this…
Czech anti-chemical warfare troops were recently sent to Jordan.
Foreign Policy reported:


Czech troops are in Jordan, providing technical expertise in case Syria’s massive stockpile of chemical weapons is somehow unleashed by the Assad regime, rebels, or terrorists.

“We do have the traditional CBRN [chemical, biological, radialogical, nuclear warfare] specialization, we have our anti-chemical units in the Gulf, in Kuwait . . . we do have some even in Afghanistan, we do have some cooperation now with Jordan because of the danger with Syria,” Czech Defense Minister Alexandr Vondra told Killer Apps yesterday while discussing the Czech military’s special role within NATO: dealing with CBRN threats.

While there are reports of some of the Syrian government’s advanced Russian-made SA-24 handheld surface-to-air missiles falling into rebel hands, we have yet to see evidence of Assad’s chemical or biological weapons making their way out of their supposedly secure storage sites — although there are reports of government troops moving the chem/bio weapons in an effort to keep them safe.

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