Colorado Springs Bans Salvation Army from “Panhandling” (Video)

It’s an Obama world.
Colorado Springs banned the Salvation Army from “panhandling” downtown this year. Fortunately, a hotel is allowing the organization to ring the bells on their private property.

The Gazette reported:

Beggars will be asking for trouble from Colorado Springs police if they continue to panhandle downtown.

They won’t be alone.

Salvation Army bell ringers and the Girl Scouts could also end up on the wrong side of the law under an ordinance the City Council approved Tuesday that bans all forms of solicitation in a 12-square block zone in the heart of downtown, including Acacia Park.

The no-solicitation zone, a controversial idea to fight panhandling that merchants say is hurting business, is part of a larger plan by Mayor Steve Bach to increase safety downtown — or at least the perception of it.

Other efforts include increased foot patrols and 13 surveillance cameras that are scheduled to be up and running Dec. 7.

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