Ceasefire Announced in Hamas-Israeli Conflict

A ceasefire was announced this afternoon in the Hamas-Israel fighting.
FOX News reported:

After a deadly eight-day conflict, Israel and Hamas militants agreed to a ceasefire effective Wednesday evening, the Egyptian foreign minister announced at a press conference.

Mohammed Kamel Amr, the foreign minister, made the announcement in Cairo and was flanked by U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

“Egypt is assuming the responsibility and leadership that has long made this country a cornerstone of international peace,” Clinton said.

The cease-fire agreement was later confirmed by Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Reuters reported that the Israeli leader warned in a statement that more forceful action may be employed if the cease-fire deal is unsuccessful.

President Obama called Netanyahu and commended the decision. Obama also reiterated his commitment to Israel’s security. Obama also spoke with Egypt’s president, Mohamed Morsi, and thanked the leader for his efforts in the deal.

I give Hamas 12 hours before they start shooting off missiles again.

UPDATE: I was wrong. Hamas fired off 12 missiles in the first hour of the ceasefire.

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