300 Pound Thug Beats 83 Year-Old Man’s Head On the Cement (Video)

A 300 pound thug beat an 83 year-old California man in an act of road rage on Saturday morning.
The goon was beating the old man’s head on the cement.

CBS Local reported:

An elderly man was the victim of a beating in what Rocklin police are calling a road rage rampage.

“This guy was kicking an 80-year-old man in his own garage,” said a neighbor and witness, who wished to remain anonymous.

Around 10 a.m. Saturday, Rocklin police responded to the 6000 block of Bridal Veil Drive, where they discovered an 83-year-old man suffering significant injuries from an assault in his garage.

“I head he was pounding his head into the garage floor, pretty brutal,” said one neighbor.

A neighbor, who witnessed the battery, was also injured when he tried to intervene.

“He weighed 300 pounds. He beat him half to death,” said the man.

Police say 33-year-old Zubin Bogdanoff followed the victim for nearly a half mile to his home, and then attacked the man.

Lock that thug up.

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