Yuk-Yuk… Obama Joins in the Fun – Makes Fun of His Debate Performance

Barack Obama joked about his debate performance at his Hollywood fundraiser tonight.
The Politico reported

Now even President Obama is making fun of his Denver debate performance.

Speaking to a concert crowd at the Nokia Theater here, Obama said the musical acts that performed for his campaign – the likes of Katy Perry, Earth, Wind & Fire and Stevie Wonder, among others – “just perform flawlessly, night after night.”

A beat passed. Then the president made himself the punch line.

“I can’t always say the same,”
he said.


Obama followed the crack with his standard stump speech, touting the new 7.8 percent unemployment rate as the lowest during his presidency, while slamming Romney for his proposed tax cuts and plans to defund public broadcasting.

Later in the speech, while reminiscing about his 2008 campaign, he noted that he “goofed up” at times in that campaign, too.

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