MO SENATE DEBATE– Union Hacks Turn Out in Force For Claire McCaskill

The union hacks were out in force tonight for the McCaskill-Akin debate tonight in Clayton, Missouri.

The firefighters union even brought their McCaskill bus over to the debate.

The SEIU was out in force outside the debate.

KSDK is livestreaming the debate tonight.
It starts at 7:00 PM CST.


All of the protesters were mugging for the camera.

McCaskill opens up by attacking Todd Akin as an extremist.
Claire also talked about government contracts. Something she knows quite a bit about. Her husband received $40 million in stimulus contracts.

Todd Akin opens up blasting McCaskill as a big government liberal and Obama lapdog.

Dana Loesch is following the debate tonight on Twitter.

UPDATE: More pictures here.

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