Twice As Many Israelis Favor Romney Over Barack Obama

Israeli Jews believe Obama favors Muslims over Israel. (Sultan Knish Pic)

The latest poll from the Israel Democracy Institute and Tel Aviv University shows Mitt Romney with a 35% lead over Barack Obama 57% to 22% .
The Hill reported:

Israelis prefer Mitt Romney over President Obama by a wide margin, according to the latest polling from the Israel Democracy Institute and Tel Aviv University.

The Republican candidate leads Obama 57 percent to 22 percent, the organizations’ Peace Index for October found in its October survey.

The gap is especially marked among self-described right-wingers — 70 percent of whom prefer Romney — while Obama gets three times more support from Arab Israelis, 45 percent versus 15 percent.

The new poll also found that most Jewish Israelis, 53 percent, do not believe that there was a real opportunity for the government to renew negotiations with the Palestinians. Arab Israelis disagreed, with 56 percent saying Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu missed opportunities.

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