Todd Akin Up by 4 Points on Obama Lapdog Claire McCaskill in Missouri

The latest poll released today has Todd Akin up four points on Claire McCaskill in Missouri.
The Akin Campaign reported:

Todd Akin leads Claire McCaskill by 4 (49-45) in a poll conducted for the Citizens United Political Victory Fund by the Republican firm Wenzel Strategies. “Akin wins 84% support among Republicans, while McCaskill wins 82% support among Democrats,” Fritz Wenzel writes. “Akin leads among independents by a 50% to 41% margin, which is the key to his overall edge in this race.” Neither candidate is popular—Akin’s fav/unfav: 45/49. McCaskill’s: 44/52.

Todd Akin could sure use your donations to beat Claire McCaskill.
You can donate here.

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