Oh Brother… Michelle Obama Says Obama Did Not Look to Blame Others For His Challenges …(Here’s the List)

Oh brother… First lady Michelle Obama said Wednesday that President Obama did not look to blame others for the challenges he faced as president.

Oh, please…
Obama blamed everyone and everything for his troubles.
The GOP even made a video on Obama’s blame game.

And, here’s the list of Obama’s top 25 excuses on why his economic policies failed:


George W. Bush
Tax breaks
Arab Spring
Japanese earthquake
George W. Bush
Automation technologies
Eurozone crisis
Republican House
ATM usage
George W. Bush
The Weather
Bad luck
Super PAC ad spending
Lack of stimulus money
George W. Bush
The Tea Party
Unmanned airport ticket kiosks
Oil speculators
Underestimation of economic crisis
George W. Bush
Businesses not expanding
Americans being soft and lazy
Fox News
Energy companies not getting behind…algae

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