Mitt Romney Is Closing in Iowa – Up 11 Points in Missouri – Leads in New Hampshire

David Yepsen, former Des Moines Register reporter and current director of the Paul Simon Public Policy Institute at Southern Illinois University Carbondale, discusses the state of the race in Iowa and it looks like Mitt Romney is closing.
FOX News reported:

From the video:

“I think Obama is very narrowly ahead, and Romney is closing,” Yepsen says. “I say that for a lot of reasons, but the big one is the Republicans are doing a far better job on absentee ballots than they’ve ever done before. Democrats have always done a very good job with that, and so, I think that’s the reason why you can say Romney’s closing. This race feels a lot like 2000, 2004. Gore won by about four votes per precinct. President Bush in 2004 won by about 10 votes per precinct. So, this is really about the ground game now. All this TV is just muzak now. It’s not having much impact. It’s all about who’s going to get out the last few people to go vote.”

In neighboring Missouri Mitt Romney now has an 11 point lead over Barack Obama.
Obama’s failed record could also influence the hotly contested senate race.

More… Mitt Romney leads in New Hampshire 49-48.

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