MEDIA MALPRACTICE – WaPo Scrubs Positive “Hating Breitbart” Reviews From Website

They couldn’t stop Andrew Breitbart’s message from being heard before and they won’t stop it now… but that doesn’t mean they won’t try.

And try they are. The Washington Post recently published a “review” of the film Hating Breitbart. Review is in quotations because it was a clumsy and banal attack on the man himself not a movie review. Truth be told, those who appreciated Andrew and understood what he fought against wouldn’t expect any kind of journalistic integrity from the very people that he spent a career exposing for the biased agenda driven tools of the institutionalized left that they are.

What is surprising is the lengths that outlets like the Washington Post will go to stop the voices of the everyman, average citizens, and the very people Andrew fought for so hard to be heard. But that is preciously what they have done.


Within hours of the biased review, average movie-goers did what WaPo apparently falsely offers as an opportunity to be heard and 7 citizen reviews were posted. In theory, viewer generated reviews provide a balance to what could be a biased or unprofessional official review written with an axe to grind.

But this morning, those positive reviews were nowhere to be found. They were flushed down the WaPo memory hole!

Here’s a screen grab of the website with the positive reviews:

And, here’s a screen grab after the Washington Post removed all of the positive reviews.

A citizen warrior, the type of person that Andrew respected and honored above all else, noticed the problem. She contacted the Post and was told the “problem” was fixed at 11:14 am. When Director Andrew Marcus contacted the Post to try to figure out what happened, he was told it was a “technical glitch” and that “Somehow, our feed ended up erasing those showtimes and when I went in to fix it today, it seems the reader reviews got inadvertently lost.” They still have not provided a response to whether or not any other movie reviews experienced this “glitch”.

Clearly, the Washington Post is not only comfortable Hating Breitbart, they are equally comfortable hating their readers and those who do not tow the liberal line. As one citizen reviewer wrote, after WaPo’s confusing and hard to believe glitch excuses on why reader reviews were scrubbed, “That in itself is an indictment of the system that Brietbart so justly attacked while he was alive.”

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HATING BREITBART – Feature-length Documentary
Captures the Final Days of Controversial New Media Pioneer, Andrew Breitbart;

Hating Breitbart opened well for a political documentary, earning more than $10,000 per screen in four markets. Marcus said Rocky Mountain Pictures will extend the release to more battleground states – where President Barack Obama and Gov. Mitt Romney are running neck-and-neck — beginning Nov. 2 to take advantage of the political climate surrounding the Nov. 6 presidential election.

“Hating Breitbart” is now playing in select US theaters.

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