LANDSLIDE WATCH: Obama in Free-Fall Collapse in Michigan …Update: Obama’s Indie Support Collapsing Too

It’s a Hope-and-Change Free Fall–

Via Drudge:
Romney suddenly plunging onto Democratic turf…
Dick Morris: Here Comes the landslide…
Within margin of error in PA…

And, Obama is in a free-fall collapse in Michigan.
Business Insider reported:


President Barack Obama has seen a once-steady lead in Michigan decline to just 2 points in a recent poll, and Michigan has been thrown into “toss-up” status in the election’s final week.

The poll, from The Detroit News, finds Obama leading Republican rival Mitt Romney, 47.7 percent to 45 percent. That’s the second poll in a week that has shown an increasingly tight race in the state, including a Foster McCollum White Baydoun poll that showed the race virtually tied. And it comes as a pro-Romney super PAC, American Crossroads, includes Michigan in its $50 million, final-week ad buy.

Intriguingly, when comparing the Michigan poll to a new poll of Ohio released today, it shows that the race in Michigan is actually closer.

UPDATE: Obama Support Collapsing Among Independents

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