Karl Rove on Obama’s Debate Performance: “He Looked Like Louis XIV Masquerading As President” (Video)

Louis XIV Masquerading as President–

Karl Rove blasted Barack Obama’s performance at the third presidential debate at Lynn University in Florida.
“He looked like Louis XIV masquerading as president of the United States.”

Karl Rove on Obama’s performance:

A couple points we had sort of Louis XIV moments by President Obama. “I said when I would take the shot, I’d take the shot.” Well, wait a minute Mr. President, you didn’t take the shot, the SEALs took the shot at Osama Bin Laden. And, then at another point he said, “The nation, Me…” and then proceeded to describe what the nation wanted to do. And, I thought it was a little unusual because again it came across as just a little pompous at times – Louis XIV masquerading as president.

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