It was a historic thumping.

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Wednesday was not only a big win for Mitt Romney, it was a historic win.
Romney scored the largest presidential debate win in history.
And for Barack Obama – the largest debate loss in history.
The Hill reported:

According to a new Gallup poll of those who watched last week’s presidential debate, 72% picked Mitt Romney as the winner, while only 20% thought Barack Obama won.

That”s the biggest win in history, exceeding even Bill Clinton’s 42% advantage in his townhall debate over George H.W. Bush (the one where Bush checked his watch).

The numbers on Romney vs. Obama reflect those of snap opinion polls.

According to Gallup, Republicans gave him a 95% win over Obama, Independents picked him, 70% -19% , and even Democrats thought Romney won, 49% -39% .

But does that really matter?

Yes, Gallup notes that in the three days following the debate, Romney erased a 5% deficit among registered voters to tie Obama, 47% -47% .

From controlling the rise in ocean levels to getting thumped on national TV in a debate.
It was a hard fall for the boy wonder.

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