If Candy Crowley Was an Honorable Journalist She Would Resign Today …Update: Most Stunning & Disgraceful Single Example of Moderator Malpractice

Last night we witnessed what all conservatives feared.

Barack Obama and Candy Crowley (both pointing) tag team on Mitt Romney at debate.

CNN’s Candy Crowley gave Barack Obama 9% more time.
She interrupted Mitt Romney 28 times during the debate.
She picked questions designed to help Barack Obama.
She picked a question comparing Romney to Bush… But not Obama to Carter?
She corrected Mitt Romney when she was incorrect.
She contaminated the debate.
Crowley’s false fact check saved Obama and derailed the debate.
She injected herself into the hottest part of the debate and she was flat-out wrong.
And, she even interrupted Mitt Romney and told him to “sit down” at one point.

Candy Crowley confirmed what most fair-minded Americans already believe.
The media is biased and in the tank for Barack Obama.

If Candy Crowley was an honorable journalist she would resign today from CNN.
For the sake of her profession.

UPDATE: Media Research Center President Brent Bozell says we just witnessed the most stunning and disgraceful single example of moderator malpractice in the history of presidential debates.

Last night, in what was the most stunning and disgraceful single example of moderator malpractice in the history of presidential debates, CNN’s Candy Crowley allowed Barack Obama to lie to the American people about his administration’s Libya cover-up. Even worse, she then validated this lie of extraordinary magnitude by certifying it as honest and by attacking Mitt Romney when he pressed the president on his administration’s cover-up. Crowley robbed tens of millions of Americans of the truth on national primetime television. Real journalists – who were fed the Obama Administration’s Libya lies for two weeks – should be furious.

Crowley was solely responsible for choosing the questions, meaning that it was her decision that there be only one question about Libya and nothing about anything else dealing with foreign policy. Her question selection process was typically left wing. Going into Tuesday night’s debate, the Media Research Center has documented that since 1992, moderators have called upon voters with a liberal agenda twice as often as those with a conservative agenda. The citizens selected by Crowley matched that tilt exactly, with six pro-Obama/liberal-themed questions, vs. three pro-Romney questions, and two others scored as neutral.

Media Research Center President Brent Bozell reacts:

Crowley was an utter disaster last night, and was, by far, the worst moderator of the 2012 election.

The Libya cover-up continues, and the national news media need to start asking some tough questions – including questions about one of their own. If Obama was correct that on Day 1 he said it was a terrorist attack, why did his UN ambassador say on five different national interviews that it was a YouTube video that was responsible, and who put her up to it? If he saw this as a terrorist attack from the very beginning, why did the president himself blame it on a video six times during a UN speech? Why has he made the statement so many times, as has Hillary Clinton, as has Jay Carney, as have others?

And why did Candy Crowley validate this lie?

If the national media don’t start asking these questions soon, they also will be guilty of enabling a massive cover-up.

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