Hmm… Pro-Obama Super PAC Pulls Ads From Wisconsin and Florida

The pro-Obama super PAC Priorities USA Action pulled ads from Florida and Wisconsin this week. This seems a bit odd considering there are only a few weeks left before the election.
The Caucus reported:

The pro-Obama “super PAC” that has spent millions of dollars attacking Mitt Romney in ads is pulling commercials from Florida and Wisconsin, part of what the group says is a realignment of its advertising campaign.

The cancellations by Priorities USA Action, coupled with new purchases of television time in other key swing states, indicate where Democratic strategists think the presidential race may and may not be competitive with a month left to Election Day.

President Obama was always polling strongly in Wisconsin, so the need for him to have a strong television presence advertising there was less crucial.

But Priorities, which has been pulling in more money than its pro-Romney counterpart recently and will continue to aggressively fund-raise through much of October, is also going up on the air in states where the polls are much tighter, like Nevada, which is a first.

Hat Tip Mad Hatter

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