Hamas Releases Patriotic Movie on Kidnapping & Murder of Israeli Soldiers (Trailer)

The Hamas terror group is releasing a movie on the kidnapping of Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit and the murder of Israeli soldiers.
They recently released this trailer.

Israel National News reported:

Hamas’ Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades has released a promo for a new movie in which actors reenact the attack in 2006 in which then-IDF soldier Gilad Shalit was kidnapped.

The promo for the movie, which will air later this week, comes as the movement marks one year since Shalit was released in exchange for 1,027 terrorists held in Israeli prisons, including several convicted of mass murder.

A statement released by Hamas’ military wing further claimed that the complete film will also show authentic excerpts of the kidnapping that have not yet aired.

A Hamas minister has already called for the kidnapping of more Israeli soldiers so they can be used as bargaining chips to bring about the release Arab terrorists being held in Israeli prisons.

Taleb Abu Al-Sabah, Hamas’ Prisoners Minister, said that the release of prisoners is a religious imperative for Palestinian Authority Arabs, who have learned that Israel “does not understand anything other than the language of force and struggle.”

Shalit’s kidnapping and subsequent release has prompted the IDF to update the captivity training it provides to soldiers in its elite units.

Hamas kidnapped Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit on June 25, 2006.
Hamas terrorists tunneled to three kilometers from the town pictured below to the Israeli outpost where this picture was taken.

Hamas dug a 3 kilometer long tunnel under the separation fence between Gaza and Israel and behind the army post where Gilad Shalit and his fellow soldiers were stationed that morning. This photo was taken at that army post. During the morning attack, two IDF soldiers were killed and three others wounded, aside from Shalit, who himself suffered a broken left hand and a light shoulder wound after his tank was hit with an RPG. Israeli forces believe that Gilad and his captors walked back over this field and disappeared inside this Gaza town. Gilad Shalit was held for 1,941 days after his kidnapping. (Photo taken from near Sderot in early August 2007)

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