Duel in Denver: Liveblogging the First Presidential Debate

Tonight is the first of three debates.
50,000,000 people are expected to watch this debate from Denver.

The Note

The Romney camp told FOX News that Mitt Romney will stay on offense tonight.
Let’s hope so.
Lefty Jim Lehrer is playing moderator tonight.

Obama opens up by claiming he created 5 million jobs. What a liar.


Oh brother, Obama is talking energy. Let’s hope Mitt makes him wear Solyndra around his neck.

Yes! Mitt: Middle incomes families have been crushed. Lost $4,000 under Obama
Actually he only created around 300,000 jobs.

Mitt: Oil production is up on private land not public land!

Obama: We do best when the middle class does best.
Obama looks pissed.

I swear anytime Obama opens his mouth he spreads lies.
Mitt nails Obama on his tax increases.

Loved the Solyndra line.
Mitts mopping the floor with Barack.

Mitt: I don’t believe in cutting our military.

Mitt uses Constitution to describe the role of government.
Debate is over…
It looks like Barack needs a new debate coach, huh?

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