DEMOCRATIC House Candidate Releases Ad Attacking OBAMA & McCASKILL on Abortion (Video)

Democratic Congressional Candidate Angela Michael is behind a graphic ad attacking Barack Obama and Claire McCaskill on their radical abortion records.

Earlier this year Angela Michael attacked Democrats Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama on their radical pro-abortion agenda.

Obama and McCaskill’s War on Women–
Christian News Wire reported:

Angela Michael, Democrat Candidate for US House, IL-15, is scheduled to run a graphic anti-abortion TV ad called: “Obama and McCaskill’s War on Women.”

The Script Reads as follows:

“There’s a war on women…waged by men…who think a pregnant woman is a broken sex toy…and the way to fix her is to kill her baby.

“Obama leads the attack. Obama voted that babies who survive abortion should be left to die.

“He would kill his own grandchild – he says he doesn’t want his daughters ‘punished with a baby.’

“And McCaskill works hand in glove with Obama’s crimes.

“Send a message that women deserve respect; we’re tired of being used, then told to kill our babies. Don’t vote for Obama or McCaskill. I’m Angela Michael, and I approve this message.”

Michael’s latest abortion ad is below the fold.
(Warning: Very Graphic)


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