Muslim Brotherhood Militias Chanting “God Is Great” Beat Democracy Protesters in Tahrir Square (Video)

Egyptian democracy protesters held a news conference blaming the Muslim Brotherhood for the clashes Saturday in Tahrir Square.
Over 150 people were injured during the mayhem.

Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Supporters Clash with Rivals at Tahrir Square–

The militias chanted, “God is great; Purge the square of the traitors,” as they beat the protesters.
A Ahram reported:


The Egyptian Journalists Syndicate hosted a press conference on Sunday at which several eyewitnesses to Friday’s clashes – and some of those injured therein – told their version of events, with many pinning the blame on the Muslim Brotherhood.

The conference was organised by several post-revolution political forces, including the National Front for Justice and Democracy and the Popular Committee for Defending the Revolution.

“Egyptian television was reporting that the Muslim Brotherhood had not mobilised on the streets, while at the same time we were being beaten by the Brotherhood’s militias,”
activist Rasha Azzab, who was in Tahrir Square from 12pm to 6pm, alleged.

Azzab, who had been far from the square when the clashes erupted, said she had not believed reports that Brotherhood activists were attacking protesters until she reached the flashpoint square and saw members of the group wielding batons and stones and chanting “God is great; Purge the square of the traitors.”

“For those who are surprised that the Brotherhood is acting like this, it’s because they want to consolidate their power,”
Azzab claimed.

Dr Yehia Salah, who is known for treating many of the protesters who received eye injuries during last year’s uprising, was also present at Sunday’s press conference. His son was hit in the head with a stone during Friday’s clashes.

“He was hit while urging people to stop fighting,” Salah alleged, noting that the clashes had left over 150 injured. “Someone hit him with a large stone from a short distance, which caused a fracture to his skull.”

A number of other people injured during the clashes also shared their own personal accounts of the day’s events.

As Glenn Reynolds says, “This is NOT what democracy looks like.”

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