Dem Rep Grabs Fellow Democrat at Debate – Challenges Him to Fistfight (Video)

True Democrat Brad Sherman grabbed his opponent last night during a debate and challenged him,
“Do you want to get into this?”
Via Memeorandum:

Democrats loved it.

The LA Weekly reported:

Congressman Brad Sherman put his arm around rival Congressman Howard Berman and challenged him to a fight, saying “Do you want to get into this?”

A sheriff’s deputy had to separate the two. The video is after the jump.

The pair squared off at a forum at Pierce College this afternoon. According to the Berman campaign, the confrontation arose when the two were discussing the Dream Act.

Sherman disputed that Berman had authored the legislation, at which point Berman called Sherman “delusional.”

Sherman rose to his feet — as the crowd cheered — and loudly confronted Berman. At that point, Berman took a step toward Sherman. Sherman warned him not to “get in my face,” and then moved even closer, grabbing Berman around the shoulder and saying, “You want to get into this?”

UPDATE: They’re both Democrats. It figures.

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