Daredevil Stuntman Falls 4,000 Feet After High Bar on Cliff Busts Into Pieces (Video)

Daredevil Stuntman Richard Henriksen fell 4,000 feet after high bar on cliff busts into pieces.

From the video:
A Norwegian surgeon almost needed his own services after falling nearly 4,000 feet when an acrobatic BASE jump he attempted didn’t go as planned.

Richard Henriksen was trying to make his jump while swinging from a high bar placed alongside a cliff, but the bar broke as he tried to add an acrobatic twist to a BASE-jumping attempt. He was thrown off a cliff when the bar snapped as he twirled, the New York Daily News reported.

The stunt was being filmed for “Normal Madness,” a Norwegian TV show, and host Are Sende Osen admitted he thought Henriksen was a goner, according to NineMSN.com.


Miraculously, Henriksen survived the fall, opening his chute in the nick of time. However, he narrowly missed hitting his head on the side of the cliff and the bar he was swinging on almost fell on him as well, RightThisMinute.com reported.

ABC13 posted a different angle of the fall.

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