Cleveland Ohio RTA Bus Driver Uppercuts Unruly Female Passenger (Video)

She smacked him while he was driving the bus.
He smacked her back.
(Warning on violence and language)


The Smoking Gun reported:

A Cleveland municipal bus driver has been suspended after video surfaced this week showing him decking a mouthy female rider with a bolo punch.

The confrontation between the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority (RTA) worker and the unidentified woman was apparently filmed by another rider. It is unclear from the above clip, however, what triggered the dispute.

[WARNING: The video is peppered with curse words and racial slurs.]

The driver of bus 2802 leaves his seat after the woman appears to strike him. “You going to jail now,” the driver says twice before throwing an uppercut that knocks the woman to the ground.

The driver then throws the woman off the stopped bus, though she climbs back aboard and tussles with him. “She want to be a man, I’m gonna treat you like a man,” the driver announces at one point.

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