Awful… Obama Makes Lying About Ohio Auto Jobs a Campaign Staple

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You just knew this would happen…
Barack Obama took credit for the economy in Ohio in a trip to Toledo on Labor Day. And, he had the audacity to attack Governor Kasich while taking credit for the recent turnaround.
The Washington Post reported:

“John Kasich stood up there and told everybody that Ohio is now number one in the Midwest in job creation, fourth best in America — which got folks kind of confused, because if it’s all Obama’s fault and nothing is going right, what’s going on in Ohio?” the president asked a crowd at a Labor Day rally in Toledo. “Now, I guess the theory was that it’s all the Governor’s doing. But I think we need to refresh his memory — because a lot of those jobs are autoworker jobs like yours.

For the record… Governor Kasich was talking about jobs created in Ohio since January 2011, when he came into office. Since he took over the state he has created 122,300 jobs to make Ohio jobs growth 4th in the nation and 1st in the Midwest.

In fact, when President Obama explicitly said that “a lot of those jobs are autoworker jobs like yours” it was COMPLETELY untrue. And yet the president has the audacity to run ads on this falsehood.

The autoworker jobs (auto manufacturing and auto parts manufacturing) are NEGATIVE 3,200 since January 2011. In fact, they are down more than 16,000 jobs since the bottom dropped out on the industry in January 2009. How can an industry that is NEGATIVE 3200 jobs be a part of 122,300 new jobs in Ohio?
It just doesn’t work.

Here are the charts from the Bureau of Labor Statistics that shows the negative growth in autoworker jobs in Ohio.

Cranks can argue all they want about whether some jobs are still around in Ohio because of the bailout, or whether a structured bankruptcy would have kept them around anyway, but it’s absolutely impossible to say Ohio’s jobs comeback is due in any part to autoworker jobs. The fact is Ohio is growing across a number of sectors thanks to renewed confidence in how Ohio does business. In fact since Kasich took office Ohio eliminated its record-setting $8 billion budget shortfall while cutting taxes by more than $800 million, both S&P and Moody’s upgraded Ohio’s credit outlook.

Ohio’s economic turnaround has nothing to do with Obama or autoworker jobs. And, yet Barack Obama has repeated this lie several times.
Is it wrong to expect more from our president than blatant lies at campaign rallies?

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