WaPo Columnist Colby King: “GOP Only Has Blacks at Conventions to Sing ‘God Bless America’ or Lead Prayers” (Video)

Washington Post columnist Colby King must have slept through the RNC Convention. On Friday he ripped the GOP for only having blacks at conventions to sing “God Bless America” or to lead prayers.”
What a bigot.
NewsBusters reported:

Here’s the transcript from NewsBusters:

PETERSON: When it comes to Hispanics, there is a number you have to reach if you’re going to want to be President of the United States.

KING: And then, and just to add to that, they have just written off African-Americans.

PETERSON: There were African-Americans on the podium.

KING: Oh yeah, but they always have African-Americans on the podium. Either it’s somebody singing “God Bless America,” or praying, you know, before or after. That, you know, the entertainment value’s always there for us.

Reader Thomas Stewart added this.

So were Mia Love, Condi Rice and Artur Davis, and so many other there Big Time speakers just illusions Colby? The liberal media’s racism towards Republicans, especially black Republicans, is jsut another example of why the majority in this country is right to believe that most of the media is liberally biased and in the tank for Obama.

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